Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Can't believe I'm writing this...

Not because I think there is anything wrong with these, but hey I'm a chick!

I guess if I were looking for such a thing I'd go to a site like Enlargement World Reviews.

The extender review was especially interesting. Again, chick here! So I won't be cliche & say it doesn't matter to us, ok so maybe a little, but a very little. I can think a a few products that wouldn't cost the $300 that could help greatly. Bottle of wine (or 2)...

I really have been amazed at the popularity of the "male enhancement" pill phenomenon. I'd check out sites like male enhancement reviews before I ingested something. But then I read somewhere that the Japanese have a "female" enhancing cookie. So to each his or her own!!!


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Aaron J said...

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Je Ross said...

We can't always be sure of the male enhancement products that we buy online. Yes, there are so many safe and effective brands but there are also fake brands who mix well with them in the market. They even use fancy advertisements to confuse men on what they would buy.

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