Thursday, March 29, 2007


The Doorbuster Blowout Sale at Lumber Liquidators!

I'll be checking out this deal! Our issue here is that all first floor doors are an odd size. Each one is slightly different & they are all extremely tall. We priced a new entrance door for the upstairs & to get one that we could fit into the existing frame would cost us $300+ for an ugly one...eek! We have a stash of old doors that are left & have been taken out of doorways, but try & figure out where they go???

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Up on the roof...

I really need to pick myself up a copy of The Complete Photo Guide to Home Improvement: With 300 Projects and 2,000 Photos (Black & Decker Home Improvement Library) by Creative Publishing international. I think it would be extremely helpful to me!!!

There are just so many projects we need to tackle here. I even got hubby out on the side porch roof just the other day! We lost part of our gutters, since they were just hanging by a strap I didn't want them blowing around possibly scratching the roof up. So up he went. First we tried our ladder, not exactly the best option, the ground is still really soft. So I suggested he go out the window in the upper bathroom. He had to remove the lower pane to do it, but he did!

I am constantly picking on him about his fear of heights, kind of like then why did we buy a 3 1/2 story house??? We don't exactly have the hire it out budget, at least not for the simple things...

Right now I think we are waiting for direction! We have lots of things we are "into" but no real idea where to go next... We need to finish the ceiling in our bedroom, we got half way & stopped because I decided I want to wire for a light fixture. So we need to buy wire & such before we can move ahead in there. We need to finish taking down the drop ceiling in the front room. We are going to paper that (with the embossed tin tile looking stuff) wire for overhead fixtures & eventually build our own box beams. We are also going to pull up all the carpet in the living areas. Seal the floor in the living room & probably paint the floor in the front room... I need to get the kids toys organized again & get the room cleared out before any of that can happen...

I guess I am having a Spring yard sale!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

We are almost there!

The apartment has been shown several times now, as soon as I have a taker I am going to poly the floor in the kitchen, nothing major, just enough to coat the paint so it won't scuff too easily.

Other than that the work is done. We are still hauling stuff down stairs - tools, paint, hardware, etc.

I think we have hit our 3 though, with the harddrive crash of 2007!!! I am thankful I left the damage pictures on my camera, or we'd be in trouble!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Apartment Pics

Just thought I'd share a couple after pics with you...This is the newly painted living room, ah fresh clean linen white walls, instead of beat up 70s paneling!!! This is the new light fixture we put in the living room, I installed this one all by my self, aren't you impressed!!!
There are 2 of these roller shades up now, I took them down from our front room. I have curtains hanging in the windows now, so we didn't need them or like them. I hung them lower since privacy isn't an issue (we are the only 3 1/2 story house on the block!) and light was.
(the head is the princess, I was trying to take pics & she jumped in last second!) I haven't taken any pics of the bathroom paint job yet. And we replaced all the electrical outlets, even upgraded the bath & kitchen to GFCI.

I can't wait to get this job finished & I'll have a ton of after pics to share! Plus I'll have to show off my new ceiling fan for my kitchen!

Anniversary Invitations

I just celebrated my 12th wedding anniversary in November, so I have a ways to go before that coveted Silver Anniversary. My parents are approaching their 50th, in 8 years. So I am not planning any anniversary parties anytime soon. However, I will be sharing 50th Wedding invitations with friends who are looking to buy invitations.

I am in love with their "Our Past, Our Present" Wedding Anniversary Invitations line. It is just striking with the black & white photos. Granted it has been a while since I have purchased formal invitations, however these seem to be fairly priced. Especially for the styles they have available.

I can say that I will keep this site in mind for any golden wedding anniversary invitations I might need or any baby showers I might have to host in the future...

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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Bathroom Remodel

Just popping in here to dream about the new bathroom I might get, someday!!! Well at least the first floor bathroom, eventually we won't need to rent the front apartment out & then we'll have a grown up bathroom!!! I have a new mildew free ceiling. I still need to paint it with the mildew proof paint, but I have way too much to do upstairs in the apartment before we can finish up down stairs.

Our plans start here with a Tankless Water Heater. We have one in our concession trailer & we just love it! The way my hubby showers we need a boost.

I want a new tub except we aren't sure what we want. I'd like a slipper tub, but not on feet, the ones on a base. We would also like a shower. My ultimate goal would be floor to ceiling tile with a large drain in the middle of the room (those with kids can understand that, right?).

We are looking at the new stone looking laminate flooring & adding a new vanity with more counter space & a towel closet... To do this we will need to combine 2 rooms, for some reason the bath is a tiny 6x8 foot room with a 7x8 foot dressing room attached...It is just awkward & needs improvement!

I'd really love to upgrade my hardware. This Double Towel Bar looks like a perfect fit. My hope is to go with the "style" of the house but not really... if that makes sense! I am not a doily kind of girl, but I love some of the ornamentation of the Victorian Era. My tastes loom more towards French Prov, but that is today...Got Toile???

We have already added a newExhaust Fan with a Light ours has a heat lamp in it. The existing one when we moved in was just G-R-O-S-S! I think it was one of our first projects here!

I can't wait to show you after pics of all the work we are doing upstairs! I have some nasty before pics too...