Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall is coming

Yikes, tomorrow is FALL!

That just means lots to do around the money pit! We have already had a fire in the furnace, so that is up to speed! We began the surprisingly simple task of switching to insulated ducting. It was also incredibly cheaper than we had expected it to be. We are 90% done with that project. We need to run two new lines (for some reason we have 2 rooms with no direct heat vent???) and then decide what to do with all the uninsulated duct we have now! The difference was noticeable immediately, decreased noise and it feels warmer coming out. That should help out with our coal and wood use!

We also have the siding to finish the window project. It takes us DIY-ers a while to COMPLETE things LOL! But we should start work on that this week. We ordered some extra because there are a few other places that look terrible, even painted.

I should point out that when I say WE, I really mean hubby!!! I am busy painting my Parents house. Trying to get as much done as possible. It is going to look fabulous, but needed a LOT more scraping than I realized! Now I see the lure of vinyl... It may fade, but there is NO SCRAPING!

I will be working on my garden spaces too, the pumpkins need to get picked & the rest needs to get put to bed for the winter!

Hope everyone has a happy first day of Fall!!!

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Grammy said...

Hi Lisa Thanks for stopping by. I love your money pit. I went back a bit to see its a Victorian. I love it. I am in a money pit too. But this is a stepping stone. We bought a stone house on 5-7 acres around the corner. It was at a back tax sale. So we have to wait till Aug 25.09 to see if past owners get it back. This will be the hardest wait ever.