Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Welcome to our home!

Ok, so these pics are a little old, like 3 years old! But, I'm not running out there today to snap new pics, brrrrrrrr.

We have done very little to the outside so far.

The front porch is no longer yellow. It is now 3 lovely shades of green. We have removed the sad looking pines & planted some wisteria which are growing up the main colums & across the front. I'll have to take new pics before I just confuse everyone!!!

We have lived in the house for 3 years now, we live on the first floor, the 2nd floor is 2 apartments (currently occupied by a "family" of 5). I can tell you that we believe it was built in 1867, was originally part of a large dairy farm & converted to apartments sometime in the late 40's early 50s. The original staircase is gone. They left enough showing above a dropped ceiling (grid) to make me cry uncontrollably. There may be pieces of it in the attic, but I can say I have only been up there twice.

So far we have improved the kitchen, it isn't done by any means, but it is better...

The room has goregous built in pass through cabnetry

The front room facing the street has 2 of these windows.

There are 2 of these windows in my bedroom.

There are 5 foot oak panels on the wall in the "Dinning Room" we use it as our living room right now.

So now that you have seen what sold us on the house I can begin to tell you of our long journey to turn this house into a home.......

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Aimee "Roo" said...

Wow! What a beauty! We are doing a lot of renos in our house too, but our home is not nearly as old, and as cool, as yours! Can't wait to see more.