Saturday, December 30, 2006

Closet Project

This weekend!!!

We are going to be repairing ds' closet. Dh ripped it apart in October to "See what it needed" & there it has been sitting. I am trying to get organized & the poor boy has no closet!

The closet is tucked under the stairway to the apartments. It was set up weird, dh actually wants to at some point take over the closet & my linen closet & install a 2nd bath, except then we lose 2 closets??? Not sure if the gain is worth the sacrifice. Well anyways, when the wind blows it will actually push open the closet door. Since we ARE NOT going to insulate the stair landing we need to insulate the closet. I am hoping that it will cut down on the smoke coming in as well. We do not smoke, but the tenants do & on the landing in bad weather, so it just rolls in. I can't stand that our son goes to school smelling like a cigarette, when none of us smokes. Not to mention the obvious health concerns (2nd hand smoke, he could be allergic, we don't know yet.)

I'll let you know how it goes. It was like pulling teeth to get dh to do it my way. He actually wanted to rip out the existing wall, repair the floor behind it, then insulate & fix the wall. Call me lazy, say it's too cold out to be ripping out a wall, say I just didn't want to spend an extra $100 on plywood, I didn't want to disrupt whatever animal has decided to call the holes under the floor (not even a crawl space) home...I just didn't want to do it THAT way! We are going to stuff insulation alongside the exposed stair tred. Then put insul-board up, I'm not sure what he bought to go over that, we discussed luan, but who knows what our store actually had.

I'll try & snap some pics before & after!!!

Wish us luck.

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