Sunday, April 15, 2007

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We are still moving into the upstairs. Of course with hubby breaking a foot we aren't going to moving any more heavy stuff up soon. We have the desk set up & my sewing machines are up, but we are still missing the file cabinets, my old sewing desk, a table for the kids to play at & all my sewing stuff! Plus we still have the fridge & stove in here, we are going to get rid of them (maybe look for a mini fridge at yard sales)

I have been thinking of putting in a couple Solatubes. My sister has one in her bathroom & it is fantastic. The light it lets in to the tub is great, no electricity needed! Since both bathrooms are either under the attic or downstairs has it's own roof, this should be fairly simple. I gather that the first floor bath would be easier, since it is a roof hubby will go on... But we have to have the main roof sealed & worked on anyways, maybe I'll get this sooner than I thought I would!

I am going to be looking for Closet storage ideas, thought I'd check Elfa Closet Solutions that Work at
. The bedroom upstairs is going to be used for storage of my fabrics (it's unheated, so it'll be fine as long as we remember to keep the door closed!) I am looking for hangning & shelving. I have a great Rubbermaid system downstiars, but it is over kill for my needs. I may just go with plastic ventilated shelving instead.

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