Thursday, April 5, 2007

Shopping for new blinds

I was checking out Guaranteed Blinds. I am looking to replace the 4 roller shades in my bedroom. They came with the house & are blue. There is NO blue in my room anymore. The blue carpet, GONE, the peach & blue wallpaper, now Cappuccino Spice.

I am not sure which direction I am leaning. Dh is getting a day job, so no one will be sleeping until noon in there (at least not regularly!) I don't want to do mini blinds, even the Faux Wood blinds don't seem to fit, plus that is an awful lot of "wood". The window trim is about 4" wide, the base molding is about 6" & the floor is hardwood.

I think I am leaning towards Roller Shades in either a copper or tan color. Similar to what we already have, but maybe a more neutral color. The blue ones really stand out. Of course one of the windows is HUGE (over 4' wide) so to replace all 4 with completely new blinds is going to cost at least $200 and that is for the cheapest styles...

I have considered just replacing the material on the rollers I have. If I can find the right one I might co that direction, but I am bad in the fabric store...oh gee darn another excuse to go!!!

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