Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bath revisted

Since I am still perusing the web for ideas on what to do with my bathroom...

I was just introduced to Taps4less.  Since it is a UK site, if you live in the Mainland UK you get the bonus of free delivery.  Worth checking out!  I'm terrible with my pounds to dollars conversions, so I had to find a conversion calculator...  I am certain that it would be cost prohibitive to have anything shipped to the USA, but I can look right!

My hubby would love this baby a Taps4less Steam massage shower enclosure.  I suppose it is possible, since bathrooms don't really count in "restoration" processes.  But I'm not convinced we'd get the full 1400 pounds (=$2844.00) back out of it in equity.

Now this is more my speed, the Taps4less Bath shower mixer on a newly restored claw foot tub.  That's what I'm talking about.  Of course that would be almost too Victorian!  It isn't like we are restoring the house to it's original Victoria Era Splendor, we aren't convinced it had any.  Best we have been able to find out is that the "wealthy" people who lived here & added the second turret declared bankruptcy.   We have not been able to locate a single picture of our house.  Of course the town historian had just begun digging through the piles left by her predecessor, maybe she has been able to locate something.   We'll have to plan a trip to the museum to check.

 My FIL can remember working at a dinner party here when he was young. It was converted to apartments in the 1940's or 50's.  The house has a history, I'm sure it is interesting it's just not documented in any easy to find fashion!

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