Monday, July 23, 2007

Window Project

I posted a bit about the project here Busy Weekend. So I won't go into it in full here, but the Living room window is in & looks great!

I never dreamed that a simple window project could have us tearing 10 feet of siding off, but it did. So... gotta love living in a 140 year old house!

Semi before (I forgot to take a picture of the old wall after all the siding came off)

I should have emailed Easy Gard to sponsor the post, but alas I didn't! It was just the cheaper choice at our home improvement store. I suppose I could have blurred the labels, but I haven't installed the good photo editing software on the computer yet.*** Best part was we only used about 20 feet of the 150+ foot roll so now we have lots of leftovers for the next siding removal project (South Turret before winter).

***I am so far behind in photo editing I should do this we have had the new computer since February!

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