Monday, July 21, 2008

Painting the Money Pit

We began with the front porch 2 years ago and that's where it had ended. I was going to get to the side porches but just didn't.

But in prep of getting the hot tub from my parents house I had to fill the cracks in the block foundation of the side porch and painted it. So I just kept going.

I am hoping to get the lower part done this year all the way around, including the 2 other porches, at least as far up as I can reach. Not sure if we'll get the paint sprayer I want or not, but either way I'll get to what I can.

I was the one up on the ladder! I had to scrape off the old nasty peeling paint under the gutters. Of course being on a ladder is why there is only a little patch done! As you can see we still haven't finished the siding from replacing the window. I just didn't want to put up what was there, but I think I'm going to have to give in.

This hole has been next to the basement door since who knows when, long before we bought the house. It looked like there had been several patch attempts but not with the right stuff, so we picked up a bag of morter mix & hubby spent an hour "doing it right." At least what we think is right & looks nice. The next step will be to build up the rest and paint! The hole went all the way through along the door

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