Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The closet makeover Day 1

These pics are from the before! Don't ya just love the wallpaper!, I wanted to keep some & frame it. The hole in the first picture was made by DH. He had to see what was back there, now this required removing 2 rods & 2 shelves... That was October. So I made him go by some insul board & I said luan (he got hardboard, impossible!). Of course I ask the stupid question too late "how hard would it be to put a light in there?" Why, why, why do I do it!!! Wasn't bad enough I made him take the hardboard out, it was the worst stuff he could have gotten, no flexibility at all. So we at least have the insul board up, now he wants to rip out the back wall & insulate the floor behind the wall anyways.
So it isn't completed, but I hung a rod so at least it is a closet again!

Look there are clothes in there!!!! WooHoo!

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