Sunday, March 4, 2007

Bathroom Remodel

Just popping in here to dream about the new bathroom I might get, someday!!! Well at least the first floor bathroom, eventually we won't need to rent the front apartment out & then we'll have a grown up bathroom!!! I have a new mildew free ceiling. I still need to paint it with the mildew proof paint, but I have way too much to do upstairs in the apartment before we can finish up down stairs.

Our plans start here with a Tankless Water Heater. We have one in our concession trailer & we just love it! The way my hubby showers we need a boost.

I want a new tub except we aren't sure what we want. I'd like a slipper tub, but not on feet, the ones on a base. We would also like a shower. My ultimate goal would be floor to ceiling tile with a large drain in the middle of the room (those with kids can understand that, right?).

We are looking at the new stone looking laminate flooring & adding a new vanity with more counter space & a towel closet... To do this we will need to combine 2 rooms, for some reason the bath is a tiny 6x8 foot room with a 7x8 foot dressing room attached...It is just awkward & needs improvement!

I'd really love to upgrade my hardware. This Double Towel Bar looks like a perfect fit. My hope is to go with the "style" of the house but not really... if that makes sense! I am not a doily kind of girl, but I love some of the ornamentation of the Victorian Era. My tastes loom more towards French Prov, but that is today...Got Toile???

We have already added a newExhaust Fan with a Light ours has a heat lamp in it. The existing one when we moved in was just G-R-O-S-S! I think it was one of our first projects here!

I can't wait to show you after pics of all the work we are doing upstairs! I have some nasty before pics too...

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