Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Apartment Pics

Just thought I'd share a couple after pics with you...This is the newly painted living room, ah fresh clean linen white walls, instead of beat up 70s paneling!!! This is the new light fixture we put in the living room, I installed this one all by my self, aren't you impressed!!!
There are 2 of these roller shades up now, I took them down from our front room. I have curtains hanging in the windows now, so we didn't need them or like them. I hung them lower since privacy isn't an issue (we are the only 3 1/2 story house on the block!) and light was.
(the head is the princess, I was trying to take pics & she jumped in last second!) I haven't taken any pics of the bathroom paint job yet. And we replaced all the electrical outlets, even upgraded the bath & kitchen to GFCI.

I can't wait to get this job finished & I'll have a ton of after pics to share! Plus I'll have to show off my new ceiling fan for my kitchen!

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