Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bathroom # 2

Bathroom after painting & replacing the old fixtures. We need to add crown. The light fixture, sink vanity & faucet are getting replaced this weekend. Out of necessity & desire. The old faucet is starting leak & the porcelain handles are junk. The sink is too small we are replacing it with a 30" cabinet & vanity. I'm not sure about the light fixture, I guess whatever I see & like.
The heat lamp/exhaust fan is now hard wired into the wall switch, instead of being a pull chain, woohoo!
There used to be a wall to the right of the door, now it's gone. I thought I wanted a half wall to block the toilet from the door but when we took out the upper part the lower was so wobbly it had to go. The walls were weird. This room was an addition, probably from the 50s when they converted to apartments. The wall was sideways studs, lathe, drywall, plaster, paneling, wallpaper... GOODNESS! As heavy as the pieces were you'd have thought the wall would be more sturdy.

We still need to redo the chair rail & base molding. The door trim was painted white & started to flake during our work. I'd love to take it back to wood, but that is a lot of paint stripping.

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