Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bathroom #4

We picked up the new vanity, faucet, light fixtures & floor tiles. It took 2 days but everything is installed. The hardest part was removing all the stuff to lay the floor. That & the 3 trips to the store to return stuff & get something we forgot, like floor leveler & return the 8" center set faucet (oops, but we liked it soooo much better, why did we think we could make it work??), and to buy a countersink drill bit (can't you just feel the eye roll!).

Fontaine NF-TUDC5-ORB - Fontaine Bathroom Sink Faucet - Oil Rubbed Bronze

The faucet is a Pegasus Oil Rubbed Bronze 4" centerset.

The vanity was just a 30" value pack, I bought different hardware than what came with. The ones that came with were ok, but they are brushed nickel.

We changed the floor to a 12" slate. The coloration of the 18" was just too close to the color of the kitchen floor, too matchy matchy for me!

Shower Rod - Curved - Adjustable - 56 to 61 inch Stainless Steel Rod by Warmrails

We also picked up a curved shower curtain rod. Nice! I took my first shower & was like WOW, this tub isn't as tiny anymore!!! It isn't oil rubbed bronze but the curtain rings are & you barely notice the rod.

I have to go pick out some wallpaper & paint sometime. I despise wallpaper but there is really no other way to cover all the flaws in the walls. I'll be looking for something that looks textured but is neutral. We'll do the ceiling too, different paper, so that the rooms look like one.

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