Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Front Room 2008

The Front room of the house is unclear in it's purpose to us, it appears to be a very large foyer. Right now we are using it as a dinning room, mostly because the dinning room has our couch & TV in it. But since we are moving the Master Bedroom upstairs, we will be converting that to the TV/Family room. Then the Front Room goes back to entry & sitting room. We'd like to install an electric fireplace to add atmosphere, but I'm not sure that is a 2008 goal.

We already painted this room's walls.

So what we need to do this year:
Refinish Floor
Remove Dropped Ceiling
Run Electric for 2 ceiling fans
Tin Look Paper on ceiling
Paint Ceiling
Start working on Box panels for ceiling
Crown Molding
Re-build book shelves

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