Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Master Bedroom 2008 Goals

We are planning on moving upstairs by the spring, so hubby has decided we will turn our room into a TV Family room. The wall we have our closet on will make a nice back drop for the 65 inch flat panel he wishes he could have... Maybe some day before our children give us grandchildren! LOL!

So the To Dos in here are:

move everything out
Take out partition wall in closet, fix wall, paint
Remove closet shelving, install upstairs
New window treatments
overhead lighting
finish ceiling, drywall, paint

Change hot water lines
Remove old washer lines
Remove old furnace
2 New windows
Electric Fireplace
Move Furniture that is upstairs around
Move Furniture upstairs

The great thing about this is that we are giving ourselves a HUGE master suite upstairs. My sewing stuff is going to be set up in half of the kitchen. The counter & sink area will make a perfect coffee center & wet bar area. The old dining room will be where we put our bed, tv & fireplace (electric with a mantel). The living room is where the desk is & the computer will go there too. The bedroom will get my closet shelving, house our extra bed & storage until we figure out where it will go permanently. We will have our own bathroom too.

All we really have to do besides move stuff is to run a duct line upstairs. There is already a duct we will use as a guide to run the new one. Figure it'll cost about $75.

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