Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Furniture Shopping

I have been shopping for ideas for setting up our bedroom upstairs. I'd love to buy new bedroom furniture but it is a little out of the budget. We really do need a bed though, and a new mattress. Maybe if we get this extra tax rebate... I'd love a canopy style, but we just don't have the ceiling height for it. Of course we could but that is another ceiling demo & repair.

While browsing this website I hopped over to dining room furniture. I am going to have a hard time deciding what to buy for the dining room, once it is finished. Right now we are using a lawn sale find that we painted black. It's style isn't anything that we would choose, but $5 is $5! I have looked at sets before & finding one in the showroom that I like all the pieces of is hard. The "Westminster" set appeals to me but then I'm not sure if leather is a good choice for us. It does have the feel of the wood panels that are in the living room, almost library-esq though.

I would love to pick up a convertible sofa so we would have an option for guests. The princess has requested the full size bed we picked up for the guest room to replace her twin bed. So I will have a twin bed for guests, but that is limiting (just a little!). All of the options at this site seem way too modern for our house. I'd really like something with recliners as well. We might as well go for total comfort.

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